About Me

In my early teens we had a war vet come to live with us. I helped him with shopping, cleaning, ran errands, made him meals and snacks and offered social interaction and company. In my early twenties I worked as a homemaker for Social Assistance, preparing meals, housekeeping, shopping and providing general care for post op patients, the elderly and helping single moms. Offering caring and companionship has always been a part of me. 

In the winter of 1968 I became very ill with the Hong Kong flu.  I was delirious and hallucinated having an extremely high fever. I remembered another time in my life that this had happened to me, when I was only 7 years old and had come down with the chicken pox. After those periods of server illness I fought off psychic abilities that kept plaguing me. I experienced what I now know was/is ESP or extra-sensory perception. Clairsentience and Clairaudience.

Clairsentience - Psychic Sensing

Experiencing other realities or entities through the sense of touch:

- A tickling sensation on the body when connection with spirit. This usually includes the face, hands, neck.

- Hairs on the back of the neck standing on end when a spirit touches you.

- A sensation on the left side of the face when talking with spirit as energy enters through the left side of the body (right brain) and exists through the right.

- Pressure on the crown or other chakras

- Sometimes an actually blow is felt to the body

- a cool breeze

- spirit scents - floral and other fragrances

Clairaudience is receiving messages in thought form from another frequency or realm.

In the 70's I began a journey into Alternative Therapies and Shamanism, I met native elder Mrs. Jebb of the Cree Nation in 1972. My spiritual name given to me is Copper Raven (Raven~Bringer of Light)

Since the 90's have studied many modalities, including Reiki, Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Hawaiian Huna, Japanese Hot Stone Massage, Ancient Teachings, Hypnotherapy, Acupressure, Mom and Me Exercise Teacher, Weight Loss for Women, Hatha Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Baby & Toddler Yoga, LomiLomi Massage, Chair Massage,  Bora Bora Deep Blue Massage etc, etc,etc. 

I also started training dogs in the early 70's. In the late 80's and early 90's I bred Siberian Huskies. All of the puppies from each litter were housebroken and trained to obey basic commands before they left their mom to go to their new homes. I have since had Australian Cattle Dogs, what a joy!

In 1997 I began my own business in Nanaimo,the name I chose was **Island Reiki and Relaxation Center.  I have since learned and now practice so many different things that in 2008, I decided to rename my business... Helping Healing Hands, to encompass all that I do! I have always had a natural connection with people and animals, particularly senior citizens and dogs!!  I have had them around my whole live! I love them all!

I am a Certified Reiki Master and carry various Certificates and Diplomas.




Below...represents me with my power animal... FLAG...a great huge bear, who is about one and a half times the size as the one shown here but none the less friendly!

**For those of you who have wondered whatever happened to the original Island Reiki and Relaxation Center

...I moved to Errington and added more to my offerings;                     they are now all under one umbrella:

Helping Healing Hands

and this name includes Island Reiki and Relaxation Center, 

Laughing Dragon RetreatHelping Healing HandsThere's NO Place Like OM 

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